For Receding Hair

For Receding Hair

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Deenatures Economy Pack


Deenatures Economy Pack consists of all the full package together i.e Deenatures Chebe Powder, Deenatures Karkar Oil, Deenatures Moisturizing Cream, Deenatures 2 in 1 shampoo and hair condition.

Deenatures Organic Leave-In Conditioner


Strengthen the hair strands
Locks in moisture
Balances the ph of the scalp
Reduces hair dryness & breakage

How to use;
Wash your hair with deenatures shampoo
Use Deenatures Ambunu deep treatment after washing
Rinse out the Ambunu deep treatment
Apply the Deenatures leave in conditioner

Deenatures Twisting Butter & Curl Definition


Use; For hair Curls & Twist

Chebe twist butter is formulated to provide a smooth twist, reduce shrinkage, intensely moisturize, seal & add shine to protect your hair.

How to use;
Apply Deenatures leave in conditioner on a clean hair
Use Deenatures Chebe twisting butter to twist and define your curls

Pair of Deenatures 2 in 1 chebe shampoo and conditioner


2 in 1 chebe shampoo and conditioner Is a perfect shampoo for all hair types, it is sulphate and phosphate free which prevent your hair from being stripped off its natural oils. Its active ingredients include chebe powder, de-ionised water, menthol, lavender fragrance and colorant.

Pair of Deenatures Chebe Moisturizing Cream


Chebe moisturizing cream contains natural hair oils such as black seed oil, coconut oil, Karkar oil and chebe powder, olive oil and lavender fragrance. It moisturizes the hair to prevent hair breakage, hair thinning and also promote rapid hair growth when used along side with the chebe powder and Karkar oil.

Pair of Deenatures Chebe Powder


Chebe powder is made from natural herbs from Africa such as cloves, mahalaba, misik and croton. Chebe powder when mixed with Karkar oil is used for bald spot, hair loss, receding hair line and promotes rapid hair growth.

Pair of Deenatures Karkar Oil


Karkar oil is made from sesame oil and bee wax. Karkar oil when mixed with chebe powder is used for bald spot, hair loss, receding hair line and promotes rapid hair growth. When used alone it gives shine to the hair and aids length retention.

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